Thursday, January 26, 2006

Why the name?

A bit of explanation. Although American, I lived in Italy for two years, and I have returned many times. Venice is one of my all-time favorite destinations there, surly service and remarkable odor notwithstanding. In addition, although my photo may suggest otherwise, I do have blond hair. My agent listed it as brown. I showed up for a job, and the client was mortified. "We need brown hair! You're too blond!" So they colored it. My brother, ever since he was five, has said that it's orange. Since that is not usually one of the boxes you can check off, I usually go with "blond." It is my hair, and it grows out of my head this way. Hair color is not usually such a controversy, but with me it is.
Last, but not least, the name makes you think of "Venetian Blind" and so it makes me think that I am clever.


The Brother #1 said...

I am blond! Not you! HAHAHA

VenetianBlond said...

At least I don't have a divot in my head...BWAHAHAHAHA
and I AM TOO!

the brother #2 said...

It's orange.