Tuesday, February 28, 2006


No, that's not an impersonation of Drew Lachey's win on "Dancing with the Stars," but rather a shout-out to my little sister, who just got her acceptance letter to an M. S. program in Biology at Western Carolina. I've always thought that the name of the town sounds like a little kid running down a dock and then doing a cannonball. "CUllowhEE!"
Nicole (said sister) a while back gave me a training program for running 5K races, and I did my first one in October. 32.27. Not bad for an aged mother like me. But I'm planning to run another one on Mother's Day, and I'm going to break 30 this time. Well, not the way I trained today. It was pretty bad. I just tell myself, "Death is not an option."

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Colin said...

How weird...WCU. That's where I'm doing my M.A. at the moment. Tell her to look me up and say hello when she starts next year.