Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Robo humpin' Slobo babe

I think that's how the song goes.
Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about ol' Milosevic and his recent demise in jail. Of course we've seen the high pitched shrieking about medical care or denial thereof, but to me the larger issue is whether justice has been, or will be done.
He did spend the "rest" of his life in jail. However, with no verdict given, he could have died firmly believing in his "rightness". (And I carefully avoid the word innocence, because I don't think even in his heart of hearts he felt he was "innocent.") However, even with a verdict handed down, that he probably still would have still thought he was right.
Historians are talking about the "record" and that his death eliminates the possibility of having it all in the open. I'm not sure that's necessarily a valid argument, except of course for the final verdict. I think that any testimony that was going to be presented will end up in the "record" anyway.
And anything that Slobo would have to say on the record would be of the most interest to abnormal psychologists.

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Colin said...

Just because he died doesn't mean justice wasn't done. Like you said, he DID spend the rest of his life in prison. And now that he's dead, nobody has to pay for him to be in prison or go to trial. Now the authors and movie-makers can have at it!

And besides, plumbers and electricians make really good money.