Monday, July 17, 2006

Boomer's story

So here's Boomer's story, the way that I understand it. Boomer was living by the side of an interstate highway in the middle of nowhere, Washington. When animal control of Spokane picked him up, he was well on the way to starving to death, and had "cheat grass" embedded in one paw. After surgically removing that, neutering, and putting a couple of pounds on, he was deemed ready for adoption. A family from south of Olympia adopted him as a companion dog for their lab mix, Jake. They got along great, except for play that escalated into all out war each and every time. Also, the house cat was "out to get him." It became evident that Boomer could not stay. Enter craigslist. I posted, "Active family seeking dog." I put so many requirements on the ad (short hair, not an escape artist, etc.) that I thought anyone reading the ad would think I'm crazy. But Boomer's host family contacted me and let me know that Boomer was everything we were looking for. And they were very concerned that Boomer find a caring forever home. Boomer has been everything we wanted. He's a little timid, in that traffic scares him (understandable) and he's still getting bonded to us. But I think we'll all be really happy.

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The Brother #1 said...

Um... congrats? (not sure that's the appropriate "approval" phrase) Regardless, that's a cool way of searching for and providing a home for a pet. Beats the shelter IMHO.