Thursday, September 14, 2006

How time do fly

Was it really July 31st the last time I posted? I can't believe I've been that negligent. The most recent major event is that this past weekend I went to banjo camp. Great fun, and the bluegrass community is so enthusiastic, supportive, and friendly. I didn't get any sleep in the barracks, however (the location was Fort Flagler) but everything else was just great. I learned a few things:
a tag lick in the C chord
a whole song (Boil them Cabbage) both low and high breaks
a great boogie woogie lick
correct right hand position
and the fact that I just learn better by ear rather than from a book.
I also met some really famous people in the bluegrass world, including Bill Keith, who invented an entire style of banjo playing, Ned Luberecki, a session musician in Nashville and SIRIUS radio DJ, Janet Beazley of Backcountry, and Murphy Henry, a personal hero for her work with Women in Bluegrass and a huge name in music education.

I got lots of material to work on, and have already started. Plus I've been working on guitar, too, which I've found to be helpful. Especially if you're in a roomful of people playing banjo, you become really popular if you can play guitar for backup!!

Before that I did a Harmony Singing Master Class that worked on how to blend well with others. Mostly logical, but it was good to practice pronouncing words the same and altering your tone to match the lead.

Before that I had jury duty and we convicted on 3 of 4 felony counts. Interesting experience, but I'm glad I've done my service and I don't have to worry about it again for another 2 or 3 years or whatever it is.

Kenan just got appointed to a high profile home invasion burglary case, so that will be another interesting experience. I wonder if he'll get interviewed.

Conan plays in his first soccer game on Saturday. What a hoot that will be!

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