Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The New Holy Trinity

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Certainly delivered in the matter to which we have become accustomed, the speech was not only good theater, but crystallized well the themes we're going to be seeing throughout the term. Energy, health care, and education might as well be a new chapter in Civics classes, because it seems that the POTUS is going to frame his legacy breaking out of the gate with these big three.

The crisis is still being defined, in that no one knows where or when the true nadir will come, and we still haven't really agreed on a name for it. Add that to the aversion to reviving Carter's malaise by the agent of hope and change, and you've got an administration that just defined what it's for, as opposed to what it's "agin'"

I'm interested to see if other pols start defining their projects and campaigns against this new holy trinity.

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