Friday, August 20, 2010

#FridayFlash #200words Static

She didn’t mind the work.  There were some, she knew, who looked down on cleaning, whether it was cleaning a house or a person in a hospital. She didn’t mind cleaning the bar, even though the bathrooms were gross.  Parents take care of newborns, and that’s often gross, and well, what’s gross anyway?  As in a definition.  It’s different from person to person.  Kids think kissing is gross.  In some countries they think keeping a pet in your house is gross.  But she had regular work and when she was done she could see the difference she had made.  But the next day the bar would be back to gross, and she’d do the same thing again. And again.  That’s what she minded.  Over the long haul it didn’t matter one bit. If she disappeared, they’d find someone else.  It would be as if she were never there in the first place.  There were people out there, inventing things or writing books, and others knew what they had done.  She got her paycheck, sure, to go on living.  But was she, really, if no one knew she had been there?  That’s what she wondered as she scrubbed.


Marisa Birns said...

Feel that way so often after I clean the kitchen and in only a few moments later, it's back to unruly. SOMEONE here doesn't know how to put dishes in empty dishwasher!

Anonymous said...

Life and the trappings of it, always seem to get in the way

J. M. Strother said...

Quite pensive and thought provoking piece. Does it matter if I'm here? One of the great questions of life. As long as she touches someone in a positive way I think she's made a difference.