Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mommy and Daddy Advertising: LadyHaters of the Day

So women are good for buying fabric softener, that's the LadyHater part, but the equally skrinched-nose producing thing here is the limitation these ads put on men.  I noticed this because last night I made some crack about my 8yo making his own dinner.  He replied that "moms make dinner."  I fired back that absolutely dads make dinner too.  His response was that okay, but USUALLY moms make dinner.  I explained to him that at our house, yes, I usually make dinner, but ONLY because dad gets home so late we'd be really hungry.  I think he was a bit shocked at the energy I put into this conversation, but he's a budding skeptic, so I think it's okay to encourage him to examine all claims. 

Anyway, advertising for the most part still doesn't get that there are families with one dad no mom, two dads no mom, grandma and no mom and dad, etc.  Sure, make your ads speak to your intended customer, but don't imply that others are inept.  Dads are just as competent in the kitchen and with the kids, if not more so, and women are more than the sum of "Moms' Club discounts" and cleaning up messes.

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