Friday, September 17, 2010


When I started jotting down some fiction for #FridayFlash I wasn't sure if it would be a regular thing, so I didn't really label them in a way to differentiate the pieces.  Anyway, it does seem that I'll be posting nearly every week, so I'll start creating titles for these tiny pieces.  I went back and titled previous ones just for fun.

This week was the first time I went up to 300 words.  I love the 200 word format because it really really forces you to cut and rework and focus.  There are times when I read fiction-even (or especially) less than 1000 words and think that it can really use some editing.  I'm so used to 200 that 300 seemed really roomy-but I tried to use the same process in editing that I used for 200 words. 

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