Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fingers O' Frenzy

Since my miscarriage, I've not gone to any auditions or attempted in any way to delve back into the acting world. I've been spending more time with my family, which is great, and I've done a lot of crocheting. I mean, a lot. I've got a full box of stuff in the top of my closet that I've finished, and I've got about 6 other projects in progress. So what to do with said crocheted works o'art? Well, I've discovered Project Linus, and I'll be donating at least 3 blankets in the next month or so. See the link to the side.
Also to keep me busy, I've signed up for the Bluegrass Ensemble class at the University of Washington Experimental College. It's a neat class in which anyone can bring their instrument and we all play as a band. I've taken it before, and although there was too much attrition over the course of the term, it was a lot of fun. Plus, it will help me get ready for Banjo Camp in September! I'm so excited about this one. 2 and a half days of banjo boot camp.
I'm glad to work on my music more, because I can always play at home, as opposed to having to spend multiple hours in a theatre somewhere rehearsing a show.

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Colin said...

Glad to see you back and hope you're doing well. Is your sister still coming to WCU? She never called me when she came for her visit during spring semester...