Thursday, July 6, 2006

In the Blogosphere

Lots of interesting stuff going on in the Blogosphere. Jim Emerson has a wonderful project called "Opening Shots" on his Scanners blog (hosted by the Sun-Times.) Folks are writing in about their favorite opening shots in film--either those that manage to encapsulate the entire film, or when revisited in the closing shot, completely indicate the journey taken during the course of the movie. Good stuff, and especially the entries from outstanding bloggers like The Little Round Headed Boy and Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule.
Also, Slate has greatly expanded their "Jurisprudence" columns and are taking on SCOTUS pretty regularly. I particularly liked the conundrum that Scalia has not been writing much of interest lately because there's less that he can vituperatively disagree with on the Roberts court.
Personally, I revisited "A Streetcar Named Desire" recently, and found new discoveries in terms of Vivien Leigh's use of voice. Of course we all know the breakthroughs in acting that this movie gifted upon the world, and part of that is the lead's voice. Notice how her pitch and pace differ between the "magic" world of gentility that she's desperately holding on to, versus the times when she is forced to face reality. It's the violin vs. the cello, the triangle vs. the tympany. Beautiful.

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