Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SoDo Mo...meh.

It's so hard to watch our beloved Mariners. They are just so lackluster. First inning tonight, a runner reaches on an E-3 and ends up scoring. Sigh. Tonight is the first night ever that we left before the game was even over. It was just blah.
It made me think of my favorite baseball moment. We had just moved to Seattle and we went to my first Mariners game. Ichiro comes up to bat in a clutch moment. Then...40,000 people stand up and start the I--chi--ro cheer. In perfect unison. So much so that the silence in between syllables was like nothing I had ever heard before. 40,000 people silent at the same moment. Can you even imagine? There's always some sort of hum or background noise. But not that night. I got goosebumps.

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Colin said...

So...maybe your M's weren't doing so well when you posted this, but they've been pretty good lately. Might be time to go to another game.
They've got matchups with Oakland and the Angels in late-September, when the division race should be pretty exciting.