Sunday, April 6, 2008

First Weekend

Well, we wrapped the first weekend of shooting for Book Club, and we had a great time. I have one muscle that's really sore. I had to carry a lot of stuff in shots where I'm entering the house, and my left bicep is in constant scream mode from all the repetitive action.
The first morning was rough because the light set up and the makeup took forever. To be expected, and we made up tons of time today, so it's all good. Of course I'm all paranoid about the performances because all you hear is technical stuff--"lean forward more so you block the blank spot on that wall." Umm okay, but how about the ACTING!? You just have to trust it's there or they would stop you. Today was good because we had lots of folks on the monitors. That made me feel better.
Now it's a whole week of rehearsing for My Fair Lady, including dialect coaching (fun!) and then next weekend I shoot one last scene for Book Club, unless we have reshoots. They're hoping to have all the web content and such ready by the beginning of May, and it'll be really cool if they get it done that fast.
My last scene is going to be tricky to pull off because my character is in love with a married man, and she ends up saying all kinds of wacky stuff to him to cover up. It'll be a delicate balance, to get the humor without looking like a raving lunatic, which she's not. Rehearsals have gone well, so again, maybe I should just trust.

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