Thursday, February 3, 2011

Film Noir

Film Noir-either a genre or a style, depending upon who you ask, but pretty much all of us know it when we see it. Beyond the fedora and the rain, beyond the private eye and the femme fatale, noir is the pessimistic downer at the party-that grumpy uncle in the corner who reminds us that none of us will make it out alive.

I'll be blogging about Brick, Rian Johnson's neo-noir set in a Southern California high school. The blogathon is to raise funds for the Film Noir Foundation, which will preserve an early Lloyd Bridges noir, Sound of Fury aka Try and Get Me.

And SIFF is participating in "Noir City," a week (Feb. 11-17) of noir double bills curated around the theme of insanity-who is, who isn't, and who gets driven there. I'll be seeing Don't Bother to Knock, featuring  Marilyn Monroe in a  surprising role, and They Won't Believe Me, featuring "Father Knows Best" himself, Robert Young.

So keep your specs on for my posts later on, even though "the cheaper the crook, the gaudier the patter, eh?"

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