Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Cleaning

K-Ice got inspired yesterday and started cleaning out the shed, which meant by default I cleaned out the shed, by going through all the stuff he pulled out to see what we could get rid of. I had to reiterate that we must keep the circular naugahyde chair because my grandfather put that naugahyde on it himself somewhere between 1963 and 1972. It's really an awesome chair, I just wish we had room for it inside the house.
Speaking of the house, it has awful feng shui. I mean no kind of chi flow at all. But I don't really know how to fix it. We have a combo dining room/kitchen, combo foyer/living room, and three bedrooms that are actually quite small. So we have "rooms" but no "room."
You look in magazines and they say, tips for a small house! And you say, okay, I'll bite. And they say, build a cabinet into this wall! And you say, okay, if I had the five grand to pay a contractor!
Anybody who knows us would know that part of the problem is clutter. I have papers and all my crocheting stuff, and scripts, and K-Ice has all his legal papers and reference books, and of course Conan has tons of toys, and he's into chess now, so there's chess pieces everywhere. My thinking is this--if you don't have space to put anything, of course it's not put away!
So what do I do? Blog about it! I sure feel better. Just kidding. But we did make quite a bit of progress on the shed, and proved it can be done. So maybe I'll tackle some more today, before I start another rehearsal marathon tomorrow.
Speaking of rehearsal, turns out I'm really low man on the totem pole in "My Fair Lady." I'm trying to convince myself that it has nothing to do with my worth as a person, but it's hard not to be thinking that I could do more. Not to mention, if I'm not called to each and every rehearsal because I'm in so few numbers, it means my per hour income is higher. It's difficult, though, to fight that desire for face-time.

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