Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jus Cain't Doowit

I have discovered that I can't just go out and play softball. A friend called me to play on his co-ed team because they were short females, so I agreed just to help keep them from forfeiting. It was fun, although nervewracking, in that I hadn't played in several years. I made a pretty decent catch, and got one base hit, at least, but the main point is that I pulled my right Achilles. I couldn't walk the next day, and my coworkers got a big kick out of mocking my hobble.
The next week, much improved, I get another call, go out there, stretch the Achilles carefully. First at-bat (batting 3rd no less, that was a nice vote of confidence) I get a base hit! Take off for first, and blow out both quads. Owie. I played the rest of the game (in pain) but it was still kinda fun, and we obliterated the other team, even with me running like an arthritic duck.
So, next week, what shall I do? A full course of ibuprofen, and an hour of pre-game yoga?
K-Ice says, "well, you don't have to play so hard..."
This is a real good indicator that I'm closer to age 40 than 30. Dammit.

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JAYNESS the Great said...

K-Ice doesn't seem to understand the Allman genes and the stupid stuff they cause us to do.