Sunday, October 12, 2008

Book Club

I've been thinking of Book Club recently. It was my best chance at a really real, recurring gig, but it seems to have fizzled. I haven't heard from the showrunner at all, except for being sent a couple of DVDs (which tells me it's not selling.)
I've heard people say that they haven't had a chance to watch it, which is disappointing. I've also heard lots of people say they'd like to see more, but nobody's willing to fund more. We can't make more episodes without the money to pay for the gear and the salaries and locations.
It just is kind of sad that all kinds of Youtube stuff gets massive hits but when you try to put together something worthwhile, nobody's interested. That's not really fair, I guess a better analogy is all the dreck on TV that actually gets produced...the rehashing of the same ideas, the poorly written, etc.
Another possibility is that I'm just down because I have another rotten cold and I have homework to do, plus I can't audition for anything new because I'm working full-time and pursuing a degree. It just seems that the really big thing is just around the corner, and just out of reach.

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