Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm a Playwright?

For those gentle readers in the Puget Sound area, my first play, a one-act called "Crystal," will be performed in a staged reading. Here are the deets:
Wade James Theatre (Driftwood Players) 950 Main St., Edmonds
Sunday, October 26th, at 4:00 pm
There will be a Q & A with the audience after the reading. The reading should take about 50 minutes, and Q & A should be about that long, too.
I have worked with both of the actors before, and am excited they are involved--I'm not sure if I can advertise who they are yet, so I won't. I'll update when I can.
Manya Vee Selects, a gallery in downtown Edmonds, will host a wine gathering after the show.
All are welcome.
Synopsis from the Driftwood Web site:

First Draft! is pleased to present a reading of

Machelle Allman’s new play, Crystal.

When an impoverished, haggard young woman barges into his home, Don can't take it any more! He had just moved to a new city to pursue his art collecting career at his girlfriend's insistence, only for her to break up with him. Then he discovers that the uninvited woman used to be a world wide singing sensation, and she discovers he may be the only one who can help her. If they can give each other enough of a chance, they may prove to be each other's redemption.

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