Saturday, October 16, 2010

Run for that Money! Thank you!

Well we did it!  I and about 600 of my nearest and dearest friends ran or walked 5K to raise funds for Women to Women International in the Run/Walk for Congo Women.  It was a gorgeous if slightly chilly day - perfect for being outside and doing good.  I asked around to see if anyone had an idea about the total fundraising, but there weren't even any preliminary numbers.  But 600 people at $20 per entry fees (those fees went to the organization as well) we're starting off at $12,000.  Not shabby at all.  (More after the jump.)

Here's the detailing on my cape, lovingly stitched by friend Artharpy.  It was quite highly regarded during the event, and I heard one woman say as I ran by, "Look!  There's a superhero!"  I sure felt like one!

Here we are before the run/walk - Team VaWa Sisterhood.  Wendy and I have performed The Vagina Monologues before, and Natalie and Julie are terrific friends and supporters.  Natalie and I were in My Fair Lady together.  I like running road races, but this was so fun to do as a group.  We all paced differently, but I happened upon fabulous Intiman staffer and friend Kathleen, and we stuck together throughout the run.

And here we are afterwards, victorious.  I suppose I've buried my lede, but I want to thank everyone again for their generous donations.  The four of us raised $485 which will provide days and days of food, medical treatment, and/or other services.  This is going to make such a difference and will help guide women in the Congo from being victims to survivors to rebuilders of their lives.

I hadn't thought about it, but a speaker pointed out how glorious it is to live in Seattle, where a theater can sponsor an event to support the most vulnerable in our world and get such a turnout.  Hear, hear.

(Thanks to Wendy of Laughing Tabby Photography for the photos.)

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