Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Best Candidate is the One Who Won't Take the Job

I wish this article were a little more substantive, but I've been thinking about this topic recently.  (Having to sit through the awful campaign ads for our illustrious Senate race here in WA is not helping.) There could so many people who would be fantastic at governing (surely they exist) but who are not willing to go through the farcical battlefield we call campaigning.  I used to wonder why some people have a kneejerk distrust of individuals in government, but I'm starting to understand.  You've got to have a screw loose to want to get the job to begin with.

The Politicians We Deserve


Recycled Motorcyclist said...

As I said on twitter, this was an excellent post Machelle.

I do think we deserve better, I don't know how to get there...

VenetianBlond said...

As you would expect, I think the Citizens United decision was the wrong one. Too much unaccounted for money sloshing around in the process.