Thursday, February 7, 2008

Active Civil Society

So one of the essay topics on my GRE (Graduate Record Exam, for entry to graduate school) was to take a position on whether or not government proceedings (trials, meetings, hearings) should be televised. I wrote a pretty darned good essay (I thought, we'll see how I score) UPDATE: I scored a 5.5 out of 6, or better than 88% of all GRE takers since 2003. Rock on. on transparency in government, and I also made the point that in a large country like ours, for which the distance to our nation's capital could prohibitive, television enables a wider portion of the public to inform themselves and be active members of civil society.
Then, when I went to my gym a few days later, the whole room of ladies was talking about the caucus on Saturday. "Are you going?" "What do you do?" "I went last year," "Here's how it works." etc.
It felt wonderful to know that apathy hasn't completely conquered, that these women are actively driving the political process, and that people are more knowledgeable than I usually give them credit for.

Plus, they were each and every one Democrats!!

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