Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Vagina Monologues

We performed our two shows Tuesday and Wednesday, and I now have a moment to process the whole journey. In general, we nearly filled the Wade James Theatre (223 seats) both nights, so at $20 a ticket, I think we earned some decent bank for the Intervention Center.

The Intervention Center sends teams of three to hospitals reporting sexual assaults: a forensic nurse, a social worker and an advocate. These are VOLUNTEERS performing incredibly important work, and our funds will help support them, even down to gift cards for coffee when they get a call in the middle of the night. Over 2000 assaults are reported in Snohomish County a year. (That doesn't even include the City of Seattle, for you non-Washingtonians.)

I'm lucky. I've not experienced this kind of violence, although my stillbirth was another kind of trauma. But performing this show, with some of the content relating to violence, and performing it to raise funds to fight violence, was a very powerful experience.

It's difficult to balance--that is, one side wants to say, it's just a show, people want to be entertained. But ultimately, we actors are the keepers of these women's stories, and it's our responsibility to give each monologue the respect, the empathy, and indeed, the humor and wit that it deserves.

I hope everyone who saw it, enjoyed it, and I'm so glad to be then, and now, a Vagina Warrior.


David Chan Cordeiro said...

That's a great cause to help Machelle. And it's also a great play from what I'm told (I've only red the book).

zapatera said...

I regret to say that I am experienced with this kind of violence, and I wish I had had my very own Intervention team of three when it happened. I am glad to know there are people out there who do this heartbreaking work, because they are desperately needed, free coffee or no. Good work, VB.