Friday, March 21, 2008

My Darling

"Machelle, my darling, I have a project you may be interested in, so call me tonight if at all possible, goodbye, my darling."
This is a phone message from a local director, he's Scottish and he "my darling's" everybody. I called him back, and it seems that they were short members of the ensemble for their next production, "My Fair Lady." I confirmed that I was interested, so I got the part. I used to audition for all of their shows, and I never got cast. I quit auditioning, and close to two years later, I have a part. Oh, and the other thing is that they were short a tenor, so I may be playing a woman but singing the choral tenor part. Whee!

Actors new to the area rail against the cliquishness of the Seattle theater scene, but it works for me.

So, April is shooting the TV pilot, and May is the indie film and My Fair Lady. Plus, I have both Highline and NAFSA National voice over projects.

Good thing I got into school so I'd have something to do...


Mike Leslie said...

sounds like you are a "bit" busy. Congrats on getting the role(s).

David Chan Cordeiro said...

wow! looks like work just came pouring for you. Nice Spring start! Cheers xoxo