Monday, May 12, 2008

My Fair Lady

Wow, what can I say. We just got done with opening weekend. I recalled with crystal clarity why I had sworn off musicals. It is an incredible amount of work. The main problem is the schedule--rehearsing, then straight through to tech, and then preview, preview, and opening. There's just so much that has to come together. One of our main deals is the set and set changes, which we actors mostly have to do. I am absolutely covered in bruises from moving Henry' Higgins' furniture around. I certainly did not sign on for that much. One of the two (! yes, only 2) backstage crew said something about what a great crew I was and I blurted out, "I'd rather just act!" But it's true.
But audiences seem to be enjoying the show, and enjoying the flow of the set changes, as much as we hate it. Our leads are phenomenal, so I'm okay with the amount on their very capable shoulders to carry the show.
We finally have a break until Friday, so I can catch up with real life for a while and rest my voice. It's completely shot now. But I'll miss everybody I've been in such close quarters with for such a long time...


zapatera said...

"I just want to act"--Amen to that! Someday I hope you have the experience (like I once did at the 5th Ave) of working in a Broadway house. There, not only do you not have to move the set, you're not ALLOWED to. Union rules. LOVE IT.

Oh, and they pay you. Well.

VenetianBlond said...

Oh, wouldn't loverly, loverly, loverly.