Saturday, July 26, 2008

Manic Depression has Captured My Soul

So even after a good day of grilling lunch with NatMo, massive shopping at Value Village (can anybody spend more than $100 at a thrift store? I can.), a theater show (very funny), and drinks afterward with theater people (nothing much more entertaining--it's like free improv) I'm still on the low end of the energy level.
I know part of it is reentry shock, coming off the euphoria of an incredible educational experience, and being so darn happy to be home.
But with deadlines coming up and a trip across the country, plus starting a new job, I really need to break out of this brown study. I have at least learned to let it go a little bit, because worrying about it just makes it worse, but at some point even if I don't feel better, I have to convince myself that I do just so I can get things done.
I'm managing to take the small steps--fold a load of laundry, etc. but man, is it tough.
Another thing that isn't helping is that we're starting to get some gray days with lower temps. I'm in jeans and long sleeve shirts again; this is going to be the shortest summer in Seattle history, I think. And they're calling for rain this week. Sheesh.
So the goal is to just to get through today (MIL visit, bike shopping, lawyer party {I know it's an oxymoron}) and tomorrow I will have my morning coffee early and work on my assignments no matter what.
Maybe some forward momentum will help.

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