Saturday, July 12, 2008

Time do fly

Could you tell that my schedule was packed? I haven't had a chance to post because I was either in class, reading for class, or on the way to class. Even now I'm procrastinating because I have two papers due on July 18 and two more on August 15. It was a terrific experience and I'm so glad to be allowed to be a part of this program.
Just briefly, we had done a lot of reading on distributive leadership and social entrepreneurship, and the book I chose for my review is "The Necessary Revolution" by Peter Senge, so I've been thinking quite a lot about organizations and social responsibility. Little sis would say I'm way behind the curve, but there's hope for anyone, I guess.
Anyway, today we went to Lenny's Market and bought two giant bags of food, all sourced from either WA State or California (not shipped on a petro-behemoth) for $14 and change.
In the interest of full disclosure, we also went to Sam's Club but I stayed away from the beef and purchased other things like olive oil that we can get in bulk and save on packaging. (Individual packaging is so annoying! That's so much plastic!)
Next I'm going to use my coupon from City of Seattle to go to a "green" car wash, and I'm going to put bags in my car for whenever I go to the store to reuse.
And hopefully I'll also get my papers done.

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