Saturday, June 28, 2008

End of week-first class done

Wow, what a week. It was pretty intense to study 3 credits worth of work in a week. Well, four days, because Friday was devoted to the group presentations. That was an education in and of itself--we had a very diverse group with diverse working styles. I'm kind of glad to have traveled for a program. It actually helps to be somewhat isolated. Isolated is not really the right word, but away from normal life pressures and demands. I'm starting to get to know my neighborhood decently, but I won't have any idea about Minneapolis in general. I haven't even taken a campus bus anywhere. It's okay, I guess, I have tons of work to do. The structure will change next week--we'll have one class in the morning and another in the afternoon for two weeks.
What have I learned about? Well, mostly what intercultural competence is, about leadership, and how leadership doesn't often have intercultural competence built in, or at least not intentionally.

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