Saturday, July 19, 2008

Am I too old to say "shout out"?

If not, then a brief shout out to Singletrack Heaven, who helped me immensely with one of my papers that I just turned in yesterday. (Along with the other one, yes, I did get them done, proofed and all, well in time for the deadline. Next deadline--20 more pages, 2 papers, by Aug. 15. Plus a statement of purpose for this, how you say, DISSERTATION, we're supposed to complete in four years or so.) Anyway, a 45 minute phone interview is no small thing, and I am greatly appreciative.
Second, another to GreenSis, who has started blogging over at Leave the roads...take the trails
and who will shame us all into reducing our carbon footprints and increasing our hiking ones. (Nice one to Boardman Lake today, the Ice Caves were behind a washed out bridge and thigh-high rapids, no thank you.)
Tomorrow will be spent burning gasoline in the neighbor's wood chipper (boo) to turn mountains of biomass into usable mulch for the yard and gardens (yay). He's only charging us lemonade and sandwiches for the use of the chipper. I can handle that.

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