Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another awesome ride

We got the boy an Afterburner bike trailer today and attached it to K-Ice's bike. I tried to grab an image to post, but I couldn't get it. It's basically one wheel with pedals that attaches to the adult's seat post. We biked about 15+ miles today going from our house over to the Burke-Gilman Trail, north almost to Kenmore, then back. The downside was that going from the B-G at lake level back to our house involved some monster hills. I found I could pull them much better than I thought (give me that polkadotted jersey) but the boy couldn't pedal enough to counteract his own weight so K-Ice burned out. The boy did have the hang of it much better at the end of the ride than at the beginning, so he may be able to help more in future rides. We've pretty much decided that to get any kind of mileage actually on the trail, we'll need to drive over, pull out the bikes, ride the trail, and drive back. Otherwise, we'll have to save too much energy and time to get home. K-Ice also found that the Interurban plus some other trails could take us north all the way to Everett! We'll probably try that next. In REI I found an old flyer for the Seattle Century ride in July. Hmmm-next year....

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