Saturday, May 2, 2009

What I Wanted to Say about Lullaby Moon

Lullaby Moon is an outdoor performance series that occurs on the new moon of each month. A couple of friends help behind-the-scenes, so I decided to go, especially because last month's location was so convenient.
Beyond what it actually IS, which is pre-performance interactions, and music and dance performance, with fantastical costumes, was how I FELT as I watched.

What I realized as I sat there, is that I could have been a Viking in a mead hall, watching this fantastical cavorting of animal "spirits." I could have been in a garden at the Medici court. I could have been a hippie in a 1969 Montana commune. There was nothing in the work that tied it to a time period, or gave hints about a locational context to ground it. The performance was completely separated from time and space.

So finally, when something is described as "timeless" I know what that means. And that the description is probably being misused.

Next one is at Golden Gardens on May 24th.

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