Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We have record breaking heat today. As in all-time records. I've heard various reports of people checking into hotels to be able to sleep in the AC, the public libraries are open as "Cooling Centers," firefighters turning on hoses (well I guess for people to frolic in.)
What's the temp? 100. I've also heard various reports of Texans, Nevadans, and Floridians telling us to get over ourselves. However, I've prepared a brief rebuttal.

1) The A/C. Even if places have it, which most don't, (even public places like restaurants), it is sadly incapable of dealing with this kind of heat. We're talking window units that a Texan wouldn't deign to put in his garden shed.

2) The buildings themselves. Most are constructed to retain heat. Most have these glorious windows meant to capture scarce sunlight. Not so good during a week like this.

3) The people. If you're just not used to it, what can you do? Most people don't have autoshades like you drive around with in the South, or other heatbusting acoutrements. You just don't have yourself acclimated to the humidity. That's not anyone's fault, it's just physiology.

So yes, we're squawking about it, but have a little pity. We just came off of a record-breaking Winter for cold and snowfall!!!!

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