Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Study Time

Actually it's not. I've done my work for this evening. However, this three week block is study time in that I'm at the University of Minnesota completing this summer's residency. I've posted some images on Facebook and Twitter and such, but I thought I'd use this forum for a little more detail about what I'm doing.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings, I have Intercultural Training and Education. In this class we learn how to be effective intercultural trainers, not only in diverse groups, but also to produce changes in the learners to make them more interculturally competent. I've already turned in one small paper, and I'll have another paper and a fairly large group presentation for this class.

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons, I have Public Policy. This is where we're learning to do policy analysis, as well as how to effectively make policy recommendations to certain stakeholders (legislators). The reading load for this class is heavy. I have a small paper due on Friday for this one, and a presentation next Wednesday. We have a larger paper due on August 7, so this class will bleed over after we all return home.

On Wednesday mornings we have Dissertation Seminar, in which we learn about the official process for the dissertation, including exams (yikes!) and what the steps are. We are also working on refining our topics. Mine is related to policy, so I'm finally getting some of the framework I need from class.

On this and next Friday mornings, we have Statistics Lab, which will introduce us to the statistical software that is typically used in the Social Sciences. We won't get into hard core techniques until Fall semester.

And next Friday, we'll have the ending gathering at the Campus Club. Leave it to a bunch of interculturalists to schedule a party.

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