Thursday, September 30, 2010

Musings: The Guild S4E11 Hostile Takeovers

The penultimate episode of Season 4 is about change.  Zaboo and Codex are finally able to be just friends, such that Zaboo can give a new computer to her no strings attached, and she can accept it graciously.  She even manages to give him a hug.  Tink uses the "p word," please, for the first time, oh in her LIFE, maybe, because she likes doing business with Clara.  Vork seems willing to open his life to Avinashi, although on his terms.  This is a step from "everyone hates me on sight." (Somebody needs to publish what his prenup would look like.  That would be a riot.)  Bladezz turns orange.  That's his change.  Fan maintenance, you know.

The purpose of a next-to-last episode is to get all the pieces in place for the finale which is the resolution of the conflicts, and possibly the setup for the next season. (Litmus test:  funny, smells good, gamer...)  At the ingame wedding, officiated by Wiggly (how funny was the actor's delivery of the final line. "Yes.  Yes it is." I love this guy!) we see that perhaps Avinashi is having second thoughts about this union. Does anybody think it will actually occur?  I just say no way no how.  Maybe Dustin Hoffman will come bursting in at the eleventh hour. 

Isn't that gorgeous lighting?  Grats, post-production!

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