Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy MeDay

Today is my birthday, and I took the day off work. Here's a rundown of what I've been up to, what I've seen recently, and what's coming next.
1) Monday Meetings. We're getting good feedback on our sketches and are working on a 1/2 hour pilot. If you haven't seen them, take a look and please please forward the link to those who may be interested in teh funny.

2) WatchingTreme.  The season is over, and S3 goes up next Spring, but I still have some link roundups to catch up on, as well as some new content.  Slowly but surely...

3) Something's Afoot at Taproot Theatre.  This was extended through August.  Got a ticket from one of the performers, and laughed the whole way through.  The tone was just right-just serious enough, just meta-aware enough, and just goofy enough.  The cast is incredible.  Seattlites should make the effort to catch this one, IMHO.

4) Speaking of theater, I was asked to take part in a staged reading of The Normal Heart in November.  I read the script and was blown away.  It's a work about the beginning of the AIDS epidemic in the 80s in NYC, and it grabs you by the gut as well as the heart.  One scene, I just don't know how I'm going to be able to listen to over and over again in rehearsal.  Proceeds will go to the Lifelong AIDS Alliance.  Watch this space for more details as the time gets closer.

5) Luther. This had blipped across my radar and because I really liked Wallander and Sherlock I thought I'd give it a try.  Idris Elba of "The Wire" fame is a frazzled, intuitive homicide detective.  It's reminiscent of Sherlock in the deductions he makes, and reminiscent of Wallander in that he's barely functional.  Written by Neil Cross, it has the pedigree to be outstanding.  However, as entertaining as it is, I find the directing to be too on-the-nose.  After a tragedy, Luther stumbles down several flights of stairs.  Okay, Orpheus, I get it.  After a certain happy ending, he and a friend get ice cream.  In London.  In winter.  I could see their breath, and they're eating ice cream.  It's symbolic of a return to innocence with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.  Maybe I'm being unfair-maybe you do go get ice cream in London in winter-people sit outside on patios in Seattle in the rain to drink beer.  Although it seems more likely that they were going to cram in that metaphor no matter what.  I do like the series, though, so maybe I'll write more later about what they get right.

6) Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. A documentary about an Aussie man's 60 day juice fast and road trip around America.  Interesting stuff, well backed up by nutritional science.  I think my sister put it best though when she posted on Facebook, "I like what he's selling, I just don't like that he's selling it." Because of course now he's got books, and plans, and all the rest. On the other hand, I'm eating way more fruits and veggies now because of watching it.

7) Big Sam's Funky Nation. Incredible concert.  Just incredible. Highly recommended wherever you are, whenever they're touring.  New Orleans based, and they do the old school really well, but they also adapt other styles to their own brand of nuclear funk rock.  Lady Gaga?  Cee-Lo?  Yeah, they got that.  Crazy.

8) Crocheting.  I'm thinking I may get some things ready and reopen Two Sisters Crochet for the gifting season.

Like I don't have enough to do.

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Happy You Day! And thanks for leaving my very first blog comment!