Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Writing

The latest in my what I'm up to posts is about my writing (I'm on a roll so I guess I'll keep on going.)

-Finished a draft of my short play, classical, in verse!  (I've contacted a potential writing partner for this one, because this stuff, is you know, hard.)
-Wrote the program information for the Double XX Fest.  I'm still so excited my play was chosen.  Blind jury!  Only 18 out of 371 were chosen! I'm just still so, so honored. (Not humbled. That word is often used when people mean "honored."  In fact, I'm the opposite of humbled!)
-Wrote a tribute for Wayne's World 20th anniversary that will go up on Tuesday.  I'll post a link when it's published. Yes, Wayne's World is 20.  We're old.

UPDATE:  Just posted a short horror screenplay at this link. "My Sister's Keeper."

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