Friday, November 2, 2012

The 10 Year Old Vote

The election season is all encompassing, and I've seen more than one online call for it to all just be over already.  The kid's school did a Mock Election, and he got to help out by making the ballot boxes.  They must have talked about some of the issues, because here's what he told me, completely unprompted.

"I'm voting for Barack Obama, because he thinks that government should help with healthcare.  Mitt Romney thinks that people should pay for healthcare by themselves.  But what about poor people?  They wouldn't get any health care. And that would be very sad."

I thought that was a pretty sophisticated argument.  However, when it came to the gubernatorial race, his thought process was more basic.  Rob McKenna runs a lot of ads on YouTube that he thought were annoying, so he voted for Jay Inslee.  I wonder if it was the ad interrupting what he was looking at on YouTube, or if it was because of the nature of the ad itself, a "Grumpy Old Men" motif.  I'd suggest that 5 seniors arguing in a diner about the taxation of small businesses would not be the most effective online ad format.  Certainly didn't work for Mock Election.

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