Wednesday, March 12, 2008

That's what it's all about...

So I went to rehearsal for the TV show last night and this thing could really be huge. It turns out that the writer has written a show before, won awards, etc. but she said that she didn't know anything about marketing, so it fizzled. She's ready to tackle it again now that she knows more about the business end. The production company is fabulous, the DP is creative, the Asst. Producer is OCD, all the right qualities. Plus there's a separate web guy who really knows multi media.

I was curious as to why we had several rehearsals scheduled for a 23 minute pilot. Sure enough, as we were doing the read through, out comes the pencil and the writer starts furiously taking notes. She's tweaking the script as she sees what we're doing with the characters, what lines sound weird coming out, etc. How wonderful! This is opposed to writers who have the Tim Gunn mentality--"Make it work!"

We made one catch too, where a character makes fun of my character's name, "Wednesday Morning," but the actor realized she had not yet been given my full name in the script. So the writer will go back and fix that.

She talked about the "Dreams." The High Dream is where NBC or Lifetime calls us and says, "we want it" and she's hired as head writer, the production team is hired, and the cast stays the same.
The Medium Dream is where a Seattle based company sponsors our site and we stream the show on the web and the advertising pays all our salaries.

The Low Dream is, well, why would you have a low dream? But I've been in this business long enough to know that the *writer* could get hired and all the rest of us get replaced with names.

But I'm gonna ride this train for as long as it goes. Everybody's fabulous, and funny, and we're already having a great time.

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