Friday, March 13, 2009

New Link

I don't manage my links very often, so I thought I'd point it out when I added a new one. An actor I know here in the area is also a novelist. (And an incredible karaoke artist. Biz Markie, who knew?) Well, I didn't realize how fully realized his writing was. I heard him mention that he wrote, but I didn't pay a whole lot of attention, to be honest, until he posted information on Facebook, and lordy, he's finished 3 books already and working on more! I also found from his web site he's a Jeopardy champion! Major geek crushing goin' on! Anyway, I've started reading one of his books, and while I won't review it until finished (duh) I like it well enough to link to Boyd. So take a look and throw him some love. Or at least page views.

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