Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why is this being reported?

First of all, I've never really understood meta-news. Dick Cheney was on CNN. Oh, that's news. Okay, if I cared I would have watched him on CNN, not looked to the Times to report on it. Be sure to report the next time Katie Couric guest stars on Sesame Street, the public must know!

Second, I realize that ousted, sorry, voted out, wait, is there a better term, okay former officeholders go on the speech tour and make a buck here and there. Sure worked for Bill Clinton. But the gall of Dick Cheney, who looks worse and worse the more of that clamped-down inaccessible information wriggles free, to go and speak about terrorism like that? Less safe? Sure, I could be completely safe in a straightjacket in a padded room--which would be what Cheney was trying to turn the entire nation into.
Please, please, please go quietly into that good night!

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