Monday, November 16, 2009

Play Update

Okay, so I'm up to 42 pages in the play. Notice I didn't say "up to page 42" because I chose to, as Prince Humperdinck demanded, "Skip to the end!!"
I was having a hard time keeping going, but I knew one of the things that would happen at the end, so I wrote that. That helped me get some ideas for what could happen in the middle, and how to get the characters from point A to point B.
Basically it's set in a saloon, and there's just been a shooting out in the main road. There's been gunplay in town, but usually everybody knows what happened and why. But this is a mystery, which is unusual in a town where everybody knows everybody. Of course suspicion falls on some newcomers, but the why did it happen proves to be as elusive as what happened. Not to mention, everyone who moves to the Wild West has a story, which they may not want anyone else to know about. Throw in some Hamlet, some Greek mythology, and you've got yourself a Wild West Noir.
Okay, that's all the writing I can handle for now. Plus, I've got some crochet deadlines to meet for Christmas commissions. Later, gators.

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